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Throat Jobs Candy
Posted in Throat Jobs, Candy
We don't get too much chocolate coming through so we were happy as fuck when this ebony babe showed up. She was nice with the skills and our stud nearly busted another nut when she started licking the head of his cock while he was cumming.
Throat Jobs Jenny R
Posted in Throat Jobs, Jenny R
OK, I think you get the idea by now. Every week we find another slut who needs money so bad that shes willing to let a complete stranger fuck her throat for a while and have it go ALL over the internet. Simple, but oh so entertaining. Jenny is no ...
Throated Juliet
Posted in Throated, Juliet
This girl was a mercy face fuck. Every guy has left a party with a girl like this and fucked her. When his friends asked him about it the next day he lies about it and says he left her in the parking lot. Meanwhile he fucked her last night and for ...
Throated Ally Ann
Posted in Throated, Ally Ann
If you saw Ally Ann across the room in a bar, the first thing you'd notice are those juicy dick-suckers attached to her face. You might not remember her name after you invited her back to your place, but that's okay because girls like Ally aren't ...
Throated Sunny Day
Posted in Throated, Sunny Day
Tonight was most defiantly Sunny's night, this chick has the biggest pair of knockers I've ever seen and get this, their always hard! I swear, Guess this chick is always horny. This girl just dropped to her knees, slurped my cock in and started ...
Throated Katie Gold
Posted in Throated, Katie Gold
Yes it is. Katie-fucking-Gold. Katie is probably one of the most well known throat whores around! Heck she's just plain old nasty freak in general. She shows us she still has got the knack for throat juice, cock-slobbering freakiness. Throw in a bit ...
Throated Lisa Marie
Posted in Throated, Lisa Marie
Luscious leggy Lisa Marie joins us today for another world class throating! Not only does this tall hottie have a great body-nice tits with pierced nipples and nice ass, incredible legs, and a perfect pussy, she also has another feature we were even ...
Throated Ginger Lea
Posted in Throated, Ginger Lea
Ginger Lea is back for another amazing addition to the Throated team...Ginger is smooth as silk with her touch...dark and mysterious with her movement...she was way into being blindfolded and teased with the tip of my cock...I had her going until ...
Tug Jobs Fany
Posted in Tug Jobs, Fany
Ok, Fany doesn't speak English. I think the only way you can even ask her name is through a translator. But I'll tell you one thing. She clearly doesn't need to know English to know how to suck, fuck, and tug on my cock! Fany is good, too! She was ...
Throated Kenzi Marie
Posted in Throated, Kenzi Marie
Kenzi Marie is a perfect little blonde with long flaxen hair and big fake boobies. She's the perfect trophy girlfriend, but we're not into "trophies" or even "girlfriends". We're just into making girls deep-throat as much meat as humanly possible. ...
Throated Naomi Cruise
Posted in Throated, Naomi Cruise
It really isn't a good blowjob until your makeup runs. I just love it when a girl is so into what she's doing that she's lost all sense of decorum. Her mascara is running, she can barely breathe, and she's leaving a trail of drooling slobber ...
Throated Kelly Devine
Posted in Throated, Kelly Devine
A blowjob isn't any good if you don't make a mess. This week, we found a girl who isn't afraid to get a little messy. Kelly Devine is a tall drink of water with legs that go on forever and lips that could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. She ...
Tug Jobs Gypsy
Posted in Tug Jobs, Gypsy
I have this really hot girl named Gypsy tugging on my homeboy this week. We found her outside the BangBros. parking lot. She told us her name was Gypsy and that she was just here to be an extra in a movie and not much more than that. But I saw the ...
Throated Audrey Elson
Posted in Throated, Audrey Elson
When we first come upon Audrey Elson, she's holding a thick pink dildo and it's obvious that she's been practicing her deep throat skills. You know what they say: practice makes perfect! And Audrey is certainly a vision of perfection with her long ...
Tug Jobs Brooke
Posted in Tug Jobs, Brooke
So I was chillin in my bed when I recieve the visit of a wonderfull and sexy girl named Brooke Bennet! she is gorgeous, her body is just perfect and sh knows how to work those hands! She is very sexy, only 20 years old and she is already a pro in ...
Throated Juliet Face Cum
Posted in Throated, Juliet, Face Cum
Dirty Defilement!!! We pulled this one out of the archives, boys!! It was a little too extreme for it's time, but now 2007 can handle it!!! Juliet far surpasses her last performance! This small town girl doubtlessly loves to be strangled, smothered, ...
Deepthroat Frenzy Linda Ray
Posted in Deepthroat Frenzy, Linda Ray
Bald pussy bitch Linda Ray in leopard bra and tiny black skirt gets throat fucked
Deepthroat Frenzy Bonny Bon
Posted in Deepthroat Frenzy, Bonny Bon
Fishnet babe Bonny Bon takes three dicks deep down her throat and gets a sperm mask
Deep Throat Love Leah Wilde
Posted in Deep Throat Love, Leah Wilde
Leah Wilde is a really fucking fun girl to shoot. She was not only really good and deepthroating food items, she was a fucking pro when the real thing was put in her mouth. Did I mention she fucks like a possessed woman?!
Deepthroat Frenzy Rita Rose
Posted in Deepthroat Frenzy, Rita Rose
Blonde Rita Rose dressed in red chews to juicy dicks and licks cum off the water-closet lid

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