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Street Ranger Kissy Kapri
Posted in Street Ranger, Kissy Kapri
Here comes the pain again!! This time is just another of those situations when you have to go around looking for some ass, and it happens to end up really well. I have no complaints and my methods allways works, thats why i do what i do. I think ...
Street Ranger Doria Dleigh
Posted in Street Ranger, Doria Dleigh
Ok, this is how it went down. I was gonna hit the beach with my trusty glasses, but I decided to check out my pool first. Nothing was really going on, so I was about to take off, when I was stopped by Doria. Right off the bat I could tell this cutie ...
Street Blowjobs Katt
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Katt
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Street Blowjobs Shay
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Shay
I was cruising by the next door neighbors pool yesterday when I saw this bad ass little girl, chillin in a pink bikini and lookin like a lil slut! I rolled up on her like a mac, and asked her to come over to my pad she said sure, and we went over, ...
Street Blowjobs Cali
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Cali
Today I met Tanya looking for landscaping tools. She was too hot to just let pass by, so I stopped her. We started talking and I soon found out she needed money, and I had a pocket full of it. So we went to my spot and hung out by the pool, once I ...
Street Blowjobs Naomi
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Naomi
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Street Blowjobs Nilla
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Nilla
I was just cruisin down the street lookin for some cutties to suck on my tally whacker. i spotted this real cute one with some good sized honkers and struck up a conversation. she was a little opposed to the whole idea of suckin a strangers johnson ...
Street Blowjobs Betty
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Betty
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Street Blowjobs Holly
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Holly
I was chillin out gettin some groceries the other day... when i saw all kinds of potential at the lunchmeat counter! Holly was eyeballin me like i was the meat, so, i had to just walk up on that, and get the game goin... soon enough, i had her in ...
Street Blowjobs Aurora
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Aurora
I was at a hotel on the beach looking down from the fith floor when i spotted aurora hanging out alone by the pool. She was a easy target cause there was nothing but old people hanging out. I rushed down to where she was and start to sweet talk her ...
Street Blowjobs Bailey
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Bailey
Damn who knew i could get so lucky.I spotted a fine little cutie looking for clothes and i just had to help.So i gave her a helping hand..wink..wink..and give her the little green men.Took her to the back and BAM..code X..This one had a nice body so ...
Street Blowjobs Trista
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Trista
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Street Blowjobs Alaska
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Alaska
Voodoo went to recycle some of his garbage and try to make an attempt at being green. The recycling station was out of order and there was a girl talking on her phone about how bad she needs the money from the recycling. He introduced himself and ...
8th Street Latinas Tia
Posted in 8th Street Latinas, Tia
At the beach is were its at bro. We spotted tia and her lovely apple booty from a mile away. This dominican freak was by herself so i had to let loose the latin lingo while my comrade flexed his muscle. It only took a few minutes to have this sexy ...
Street Blowjobs Janice
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Janice
I was out this afternoon getting lunch when i ran into this hottie, her name is Janice. I introduced myself and hung out with her while she ate lunch. she didnt really feel like talking at first but I convinced her to come with me. so we rented a ...
8th Street Latinas Eva
Posted in 8th Street Latinas, Eva
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Street Blowjobs Aroana
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Aroana
I started this search Holy Shit balls did I luck out today.. when I first saw Miracelle I didn't think I had even a little chance, but after talking a bit, I found out that she needed a couple bucks to get her car fixed so, u all know that Im down ...
Street Blowjobs Angelia
Posted in Street Blowjobs, Angelia
This was my pre xmas booty hunt. I knew there were going to be tons of hot babes shopping for a tree so i went to every spot until a came across angelia. This slim sexy hottie needed help and as hot as she was i just had to make my move. We went ...
8th Street Latinas Adina
Posted in 8th Street Latinas, Adina
A day at the swapshop turned into a threesome. I was picking up a painting from a friend, we stopped by a little store where this young hot latina was working. We flirted with her for a while and offered her some money to come hang out. We got back ...
8th Street Latinas Jayla
Posted in 8th Street Latinas, Jayla
Today in the mourning a hot latina came in with her mother to fix her car. She came back later on, but had no idea how much the cost for the fixing would be. She had no cash so we made a deal, and she let me film it. Wow, this latina has an ass i ...

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