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Mike In Brazil Mel
Posted in Mike In Brazil, Mel
Today Bazuca was out on the beach taking a few photos but wasn't getting that many shots because the weather was terrible, when all of a sudden he happend to notice Mel a sexy brazilian beauty who happend to be out at the same time taking a few ...
Mike In Brazil Satiny
Posted in Mike In Brazil, Satiny
Hello Gringos. This is Anselmo once again. This time I had to be real selfish and keep all the ass to myself. Once I saw Satiny I tossed the camera to Tony and told him it was my turn. He was so pissed but hey he has gotten more than enough pussy so ...
Mike In Brazil Nicole
Posted in Mike In Brazil, Nicole
So on the last episode Nicole had to go in to handle some other business while Kid Jamaica dealt with her friend Erica. On this episode Erica has left and Nicole has come back for her share of the goods! Kid Jamaica wasted no time and immediately ...
Mike In Brazil Morgana
Posted in Mike In Brazil, Morgana
Dino once again gets the cream of the crop while I am stuck behind the camera. This is Anselmo the great tosser of goo but not this time. Dino did make me proud though. He got her right in the eye and she actually loved every minute of it. Morgana ...
Mike In Brazil Firnanda
Posted in Mike In Brazil, Firnanda
Today Anselmo was out and around just hanging out when he happend to notice Firnanda walking down the street getting plenty of attention from many of the men passing by. So he decided to go sit and speak to her for a few. She was just hanging around ...
Mike In Brazil Butt Fucking
Posted in Mike In Brazil, Butt Fucking
We were riding back to the house after an amazing party my boy threw. As we were driving I saw a naked chick along the highway trying to hitch a ride, so JBrown and I stoped. This chick was fucking hot! She wanted a ride to the beach but we had ...
Mike In Brazil Cassia Moreno
Posted in Mike In Brazil, Cassia Moreno
JB wanted to show me an area of the beach that had a nice view from the hills and we ran into Cassia there. She was admiring the same view we went up there to see and told us how she was scouting around for a place where she could take some pictures ...
Mike In Brazil Rayssa Sanchez
Posted in Mike In Brazil, Rayssa Sanchez
Mike in Brazil presents Rayssa Sanchez... Last week she enjoyed seeing her friend Sara in action, so she decided to get some herself. After teasing the guys with a mesmerizing booty dance, Rayssa peeled her panties nice and slow eventually revealing ...
Mike In Brazil Hot Nude Babes Dany
Posted in Mike In Brazil, Hot Nude Babes, Dany
We were cruising the countryside and saw Daniy walking aimlessly down the street. We stopped by to see if she needed directions or some help and she said she was looking for a her friends house and couldnt seem to find it. Turned out her friend gave ...
Brazilian Celeb
Posted in Babes, Big Tits, Lindsey Strutt
This girl is definitely dressed for the part of the naughty elf and it makes me want to go to Brazil and see if I can talk her into marrying me for a green card. She's smoking hot and wears the red to perfection. Does anyone know how to say I want ...
Teen Brazil Anita
Posted in Teen Brazil, Anita
Anita, apparently these Brazilian chicks are into anal the way American women are into Ophra! Now I ask you...Where would you rather be?! This sleek and slender sexpot is one hot little number with that trademark Brazilian ass and a desire to fill ...
Hot Janessa Brazil
Posted in Babes, Big Tits, Brunette Models, Latina, Tight Jeans
Janessa almost looks like she's trapped in this shower stall, but she makes it work and she rips herself out of that shirt and pulls away those tight jeans because she just can't stand it. All the people watching her, and she knows it, it makes her ...
Janessa Brazil Nude
Posted in Ass, Babes, Big Tits, Bikini, Janessa Brazil, Latina, Round Ass
Janessa Brazil could make a canvas sack look sexy. Here we get to see her in a bright yellow bikini, and then only in a set of turquoise beads that compliment her skin tone in a way that can only be described as slightly intoxicating. I think ...
Mikes Apartment Wandi
Posted in Mikes Apartment, Wandi
I was out and about walking looking for something to take back home with me, you know the usual routine but was having no luck! Until I bumped into Wandi looking so nice with a brazil shirt on. From there I had to take her back home and Renato was ...
Mikes Apartment Bianka
Posted in Mikes Apartment, Bianka
Bianka was trying to be slick and get away with not paying her rent. She did everything possible to avoid payment. She even cleaned the whole apartment top to bottom spic and span in the hopes of impressing me enough to let her off the hook. I took ...
Mikes Apartment Sheila
Posted in Mikes Apartment, Sheila
Sheila had a friend tell her aboutmy place. i'm a regular local celebrity around here! anyways when she walkedthrough the door all i saw was the huge honkers. she only needed to stay forone night so i figured i would let her get away with some sweet ...
Mikes Apartment Veronika
Posted in Mikes Apartment, Veronika
Check out this update from Mikes Apartment featuring Veronika.
Janessa Brazil Tits and Pussy Exposed
Posted in Janessa Brazil Tits, Pussy Exposed
Busty brazilian babe, janessa, lifts up her summer dress to show she's not wearing a bra or panties and exposed her naked tits and pussy!
Mikes Apartment Miliextra
Posted in Mikes Apartment, Miliextra
DAMN..DAMN..Two sexy hot vixens.These girls were fucking amazing..This one update makes me salute all those sexy mamas out there..But to the matter at hand..Mili and her friend were here today and we just had to get this on camera..Two gorgeous ...
Mikes Apartment Liza Del Sierra
Posted in Mikes Apartment, Liza Del Sierra
Bonjour. Liiza came to visit the beautiful sites around the apartment. She had beautiful eyes and a pretty smile. She went around all the gorgeous locations and took pictures. Then, it was time to pay the rent and also a little extra for the tour. ...

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