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Her First Anal Sex Ann
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Ann
Wet, cold, and feisty cutie Ann needed a warm ride and the our boys stepped right in to help! This twisted hottie knew cock but took it like a virgin when they popped her in the rear! Who knows what evil lurks in the tight unboned ass? The Dongnamic ...
Her First Anal Sex Dee
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Dee
Mature and super sexy Dee was waiting at the buss stop, when we ran into her. She was up for answering a few sexual questions, and had never had anal sex. Well a woman of such class and experience never having anal?! This was something we needed to ...
Her First Anal Sex Ali
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Ali
Ali was a country flower from Kentucky. We wanted to get a taste of that famous southern hospitality by seeing if she'd give us lodging.... in her ass!! I guess this little daisy got her ass flower plucked!
Her First Anal Sex Roxy
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Roxy
Cum one cum all! This week on Her First Anal Sex we have the lovely Roxy and her uncharted anal canal. See this big boob bitch take over a foot of huge cock up her tight virgin anus. I have to warn you folks, this week's skank is quite a squealer!
Her First Anal Sex Lana
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Lana
Fashion conscious Lana is a sexy Asian with an ass ripe for fucking! After a few lies our boy was eating raw poon sushi. Once he unleashes his hungry dragon she becomes the star of our very own episode of Big Trouble In Little Anus! Don't miss the ...
Her First Anal Sex Beth
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Beth
Here on this week's Her First Anal Sex we have sexy Asian valley-girl, Beth. We promised her that if she didn't like it we would stop, so we letter her beg us a bit but my the time we stopped she liked it and we had blown our man-hood across that ...
Her First Anal Sex Haley
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Haley
Looking for secretarial work Haley wasn't having much luck securing a position. Unfortunate as that may be she did run into us and we got her in to several positions. We finished the interview by filling her asshole with our cocks and pouring our ...
Her First Anal Sex Cindy
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Cindy
Workin out on a friday afternoon Chris snagged gym bunny Cindy and invited her back for a "special" workout! We pulled out our equipment to stuff that pretty ass and pump some iron! After doing the clean and jerk we gave this honey some cockade for ...
Her First Anal Sex Ginny
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Ginny
We found Ginny at the local coffee joint and it turned out this man hungry tramp was a swinger! She jumped at the chance to work our massive massive poles, but when we boned that tight ass she moaned and squealed like a true virgin! C'mon baby, a ...
Her First Anal Sex Maoja
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Maoja
This broad was a long ways off from the runways of Paris. But we knew what she'd excel at: getting rammed in the pooper! Maoja had never aspired to be an anal slut, but now she's well on her way! Our career counseling works yet again!
Her First Anal Sex Taryn
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Taryn
Once again the ass spelunkers bring to you the finest in anal cave diving. This lovely whore better known as Taryn was doing a little exercising in the park when we stopped her to ask a few questions and hopefully get an interview, maybe even an ...
Her First Anal Sex Ricki
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Ricki
Swing-a-ding! Here comes duo to blow more o-rings! On this fine day we found pretty Ricki (and her hot ass) alone in the So-Cal sun and invited her back for some "fun"! She may have been no stranger to fucking but watch the duo super size her pretty ...
Her First Anal Sex Devon
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Devon
It's time to kick in the brown door and paint it white! When we told Devon that she was gonna get the butt-shaft, Richard promised to take it slow. But after feeling the grip of her tight chute our assman couldn't help give her the anal pounding of ...
Her First Anal Sex Sindy
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Sindy
Sindy was a pretty little blonde whore who had an ass that begged to be violated! So after a some tasty treats, we double teamed her and ate that sweet pussy. After, we fucked her sweet clam, pumped that asshole raw and jizzed on her just for fun!!
Her First Anal Sex Adina
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Adina
Welcome back anal fans! This week we have the very sexy, very ebony Adina. This lovely lady was easily duped into coming with us through promises of extra cash to line her pockets. Her ass was in season for us to pluck that tight little bunger ...
Her First Anal Sex Sativa
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Sativa
Sexy Sativa was on the rebound and ready for a grudge fuck! She may not mind a hot pussy pounding, but this spicy latina wasn't cool on deliveries in her rear! Watch our lone wolf harm that hot heiney and give this cutie a sore ass to remember her ...
Her First Anal Sex Trixie
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Trixie
Trixie was tricky to trick into letting pound her virgin behind, but after a few tricky lines, we had her ass all tricked out with a big dick inside! Silly Trixie, tricks are for whores!
Her First Anal Sex Vivian
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Vivian
This lassie's boyfriend got caught cheatin'. Vivian needs some counselling! Good thing board-certified Anal Therapist Joe Friday is on call! This poor girl was so broken up that it took the filling sensation of anal insertion to mend her heart!
Her First Anal Sex Keisha
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Keisha
The guys saw this slut sun bathing, & we had to get a piece o' dat ass. They duped her with white lies of class documentaries, & dinner. Watch this film on psychology turn to sex technique. Will Keisha take it up the ass? Will our gents pass their ...
Her First Anal Sex Rachel
Posted in Her First Anal Sex, Rachel
Pop goes the cherry cause the cherry goes pop ass cherry that is! Check out Rachel and her willingness to get her first fat cock up that tight ass of hers. The bigger the better, they always say. You've got to see the faces this chick makes as our ...

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